Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting Prepared to Bloom Somewhere New

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We've all heard this adage:

Bloom where you're planted.

My friend, Debbie, gave me a framed picture of this which I hung near my front door in my house. She has always known how itchy I get to "go places and do things."

By the way, blooms from my garden at my permanent home.

I believe in following its instructions wherever I am, even if it takes a couple weeks to get the roots in at a new place. I want a building to feel and act as if I am their permanent therapist.

I find it easy to become "one of them" if I learn their culture (every place has a different one!), try their cuisines, hike their trails, cycle their roads, visit their museums and explore their downtowns. I learn the relationships among the employees and the residents - so many connections!

I found out Friday that the building may have found a permanent OT, which makes me really happy. Happy and sad at the same time!

I've come to really enjoy this assignment. Soon comes the process of turning my sights to the next assignment. I'm mentally gathering the gardening tools and getting ready to dig....

Where to plant next?


  1. I have always hated that "Bloom Where You're Planted" meme.

    Instead I say, "Plant Yourself Wherever You Can Bloom."

  2. Great advice for a new traveler! I can't wait to practice this!

  3. ThatGirl,

    Great perspective! What do you readers think? I can see both sides.


    You seem to be someone who creates full color anywhere she is! Best of luck when you start "traveling!"