Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm Back!

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I'm back! I'm actually almost back...sitting in Denver International Airport waiting on my delayed flight and happy to be back on the internet after almost a week "away."

I've just spent the past five days purchasing a cottage near my parents and demolishing the inside of it in preparation for some major renovations. It's always great to have a project in the pipeline!

The week has not been without excitement, from the real estate closing to the gathering of all seven brothers and sisters with our parents, to visits with those I love (you know who you are, you special people!), and an unexpected incident in Kansas City last night....

Before I tell you what happened,  I'll set the scene at the rental car company last weekend when we picked up the car. We always pay extra to list both of us as drivers.

 "Do we need the extra insurance?"

She has picked up the car early to save us time, and the car company is going to charge an extra $125 for insurance since she doesn't have any here. (She lives overseas, so her insurance is moot here.) If I had picked up the car, it would be no problem. My insurance covers me. We end up opting out of the insurance, as we plan for me to pay for the car.'s on my mind that I really need to check all the details before we rent a car together again. Do I do it this week?


I drop Elle off at the airport yesterday afternoon and begin a series of tag team visits with dear friends in the City. As I drive, I am thinking, this little VW has some "get up and go!"

It's getting dark and is at the beginning of rush hour when I exit one major interstate to enter another on a wide cloverleaf.

The traffic slows down.
I slow down.
The high school kid behind me does not slow down.

He later tells the Missouri Highway Patrol that he was reaching down to pick up his cell phone off the floor, looked up and smashed right into me.

I could not believe it!!

The first think I thought about was my twin and our conversation about insurance.

She is not going to believe this!!

I would have called her when I got off the phone with 911, but by that time, she was somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.

I'll keep this abbreviated. The kid was at fault. The insurance company is taking care of the damaged bumper with the rental car company. My back is sore and tight but not acutely injured to require emergent care, so I'm going to get it checked out when I get back home to northern Cal.

The lesson today is get those insurance questions answered before  you rent the car with multiple drivers!

Flight is boarding....write more later....Tre

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