Friday, January 13, 2012

Me, Lacking Grace Tonight

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So, I am headed home to the midwest for a week to close on a cottage near my parents with my twin sister. We are going to "gut" the inside this week, knock out a wall and get everything going for a new kitchen and bathroom.


We'll get to the outside later in the summer, when it's perfect painting and landscaping weather!

In order to get home, I have to drive 4 hours to the nearest airport. After living only a few minutes from the airport in the last "Tre House," I am pretty spoiled. 

...(Yes, my name is pronounced "tree.")

Then, after the long drive, a 5-6 hour flight will get me to the city 2 hours from my parents' farm.

Deep sigh. One of the drawbacks of being this far away.

None of my assignments have been this far from an airport. I've never done park and fly as a traveler, so I thought I would get in early, rest and be up and fresh for the 8am flight. Great idea, right?

It didn't go as planned. I left work a half hour late after a patient's son showed up to talk minutes before I was scheduled to leave. I got a phone call once I walked in the door to pull my bags out to the car. I had loaded some books in both bags so I don't have to move them in 2 months when my assignment changes.

I had forgotten to get cash and gas....blah, blah, blah....all reasons why I left the coast late!

I really did quite okay until I got past my usual turn from I-80 to head north on Hwy 113 for the Sacramento airport. But I wasn't going to the airport tonight! I was headed to a hotel...

the road bifurcated. Damn it! They both said I-80....and I took the one on the left.


It was 8:30, pitch black, and for those of you who aren't in California, the state has cut its use of lighting along highways and roads. Suffice to say that the barrage of foul language spurting from my loose lips would have shocked my mother!

It was not graceful at all, especially during the conversation with the desk clerk at the Hilton Garden Inn....who did not know how to direct me in from where I was sitting on the side of the other I-80....

I was p.o.'ed. For no other reason than that I had been up way earlier than my normal day, had pushed hard all day, had just sat for over 4 hours and was not tucked in relaxing.

So be it. I didn't handle it well. The great thing about tonight is that it's the ending to the day. And tomorrow is another chance.

I resolve to be a little more graceful...

Carry on!!

Thank You, You Tube

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