Monday, January 9, 2012

Kelsey: Following Her Own Path

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I don't write about my personal life, but tonight I want to laud my daughter, Kelsey. She is full of life, hope and adventure. She arrived today in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, for a semester abroad.

I would never have guessed she would go there! When she was younger, we had always discussed England or maybe France.

It really wasn't up to me where she wanted to go. My role was to be supportive of wherever she decided to live and study.

This is one of those forks in the road that shifts the whole direction of her life. For me, it was a semester in London. It opened my eyes to how accessible the world really is. It whet the appetite to see as much of the world as possible.

Bulgaria was Kelsey's decision; it is her path.

And what a path it shall be!

Kelsey, I am proud of you. Happy Travels!


  1. That's great! I spent my junior year in high school on exchange to Finland. I'm sure she will learn so much about herself and about the world in this adventure.

  2. I'm going to be studying abroad in Blagoevgrad for a semester this upcoming January! I was surprised to find this post. What a conincidence!

  3. Kelsey had an amazing time and did a lot of traveling in the region - if you are interested in contacting her for advice, I can forward your email to her if you wish! Best wishes for an exciting semester!