Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lesson of the Day (Thanks, Syn!): "Enjoy the Funk"

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So, today, I had a tough time being positive. At moments that I had to fight being a real bitch! I'm sure that Dan, the PT, would agree with me. He has to put up with me all day long.

I had posted a note to friends on Facebook this morning:

Needing to look for the positive today,
the negative wants to seep in!!

I spent the day trying to close my ears to the crazy activity outside the rehab department. They moved all the "yellers" to the the two rooms closest to the rehab department. The three former yellers I wrote about last fall aren't really yellers anymore! These are new yellers. Two of them have alcoholic dementia. One is a woman who has lived like a princess, and she's not used to having to wait a bit for service.

I was beleaguered by the time I got home. After checking email, I found a few lovely replies to my morning post on Facebook. I want to share this one with you (compliments of Syn, thank you, girl!)
It gave me a different perspective of feeling this way:
"Rather than battle difficult personalities, I have come to accept that some people are just good examples of bad examples. Similarly, I have come to believe that a lot of good may be gained in allowing a funk room to be itself, to run its course. I am a big believer in allowing ourselves to feel what we feel (good or bad) and simply be discerning about how we interpret the feelings. I am not a proponent of forcing our minds to focus on the positive when a helpful lesson may be gained through a bit of stewing about the negative. Sometimes a negative inner voice has an important point to make. In my view, authenticity and quiet discernment trump positivity. So enjoy the funk and the lesson it may be trying to communicate. :)"
So, let it run its course.
That makes me feel better already.

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