Monday, March 5, 2012

Packing and Pondering

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Okay, I'm doing more than packing and pondering. I'm crying in between.

Have you ever known
that the change
you're preparing for
is a good one,
yet you're still broken up
about it?

That's how I feel tonight. I know I said this last time I moved assignments, but I've loved this place.  I've met great people. I've experienced so many new things! I am aching as I prepare to leave, especially when I round the corner of my street to face west and I find myself looking straight at the Pacific Ocean.

Tonight, I've been contacted by Monty, who is doing well after Joan's passing. I received a message from and talked with Hank (from my first blog entry!)

I came home Saturday afternoon to find this hanging on my door:

It was from Tom's daughter. Tom had gone home a couple weeks ago, but his daughter had stopped by and left me a beautiful picture book of northern California to remember my time here.

Boy, will I.

As I was packing this evening, I found a wonderful page I had torn from the Live Your Best Life section of the Oprah magazine in July 2008. (I'm a sucker for quotes and beautiful photographs.)


I know, the print is too small. If you look closer, it says:

I suddenly realize why I have picked up this message. The timing is perfect.

It says to me:

Your world in northern California the past 18 months has been glorious, yes. But there are other places for you to explore and enjoy. Embrace the experience you are leaving, say goodbye, and get ready to fully acclimate to where you are headed.

Give up all the other worlds
except the one to which you belong.

Don't pine for what you are leaving.
Be present to a new experience.


  1. Really going to miss you! Stay in touch with us and keep up the Amazing work that you do where ever you go. Where ever you go you will happy because you are taking the best part of your experiance here with you.....YOU! We were blessed to have had you be a part of what we do.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes for your new world.
    God Speed My Friend..

    From: A Friend, RS,SSD

  2. Wow, what a powerful message. Just started reading your blog (I "stumbled" upon it the other day)and I think it's wonderful to read about the emotions that come along with being a traveler. I'm a traveler,and I'm finishing up an assignment next week. It's definitely a mixed bag of emotions. I also completed a travel assignment in N. Cal (Crescent City) about 9 years ago, and that part of the country is very easy to fall in love with. Best Wishes to you, and I hope your new assignment is as fulfilling as your recent assignment.


  3. Thank you both for such beautiful comments. Rebecca, I will miss all of you dear people. Tiff, thank you for reading my blog. It's been at times a cathartic medium to work through all of life's meaningful experiences. Best wishes on your new assignment as well!