Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Than Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh No! Storms in Kansas...

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I'm in Kansas...

in Spring...

Kansas Spring Storm, March 28, 2012

and reliving childhood fears of taking cover during tornado weather!!

I had forgotten (during the length of my storm-free 18 months in California) the dreadful, yet exciting, feeling of anticipating the outcome of developing storm clouds in the sky.

This evening, I went to the pharmacy to ask for some labeled medication bottles to practice medication management with my patients prior to discharging home. When I walked out, voila! The photo above.


I picked up dinner and headed to my new "home." The clouds continued to evolve into different shapes.

Please don't let that tail turn into a funnel!!

I grew up on a farm without a basement. We only had a detached cellar that was used to store canned goods and harvested vegetables in the cool climate underground. The difficulty of taking shelter in there was that there was an occasional black snake that squeezed its way through two loose bricks.

My two greatest fears in one moment - a funnel cloud and a black snake. I don't know which was worse.

The funnel cloud won the "fear" category. When black clouds began to swirl, I would pack my aqua blue floral suitcase (thanks, Grandma), and set it by the back door of the mudroom. Change of clothes, underwear and a pair of socks. Just in case.

Tonight, I made my way around the building in which I am renting to find the door to the basement. I stuck the key in the door and turned.

Didn't turn. Won't open.

The key won't work.


I am on top of a hill. During a storm in Kansas!

Welcome back to the Midwest!


  1. I know! I have found myself in Enid Oklahoma during tornado season! (I totally didn't do the math on that one or I might have chosen a different place - seriously - Enid has a lot of tornadoes).
    Good luck these next few months!

  2. Isn't it incredible! Take cover!! Sending you best wishes for your assignment as well!