Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Project for your Patients

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Hey, there!

The Christmas decorations have been down for some time. It's been time to take down the winter theme on the bulletin board in the rehab department.

In December, we had made a "wave" of intricate winter snowflakes created by patients and myself. We're right on the Ocean, so we thought that a wave of snowflakes was fitting, even if they get snow once every 20 years.

This was done by the patients!! And each patient was so happy with the outcome.

I turned my patients' attention to Valentine's Day. What could we do to share our creativity and address some occupational therapy components (fine motor coordination, strength, balance, functional mobility, visual perception, visual motor skills) by re-dressing the bulletin board?

This bulletin board is 4 feet by 3 feet, so it isn't a tiny Valentine!! Inside the Valentine are items that can be visually identified by the patients (photo search, if you will)....among other things, a car, a BBQ, flowers, an IPod, a fish, a recliner, fruit, curtains, a bed, C&H sugar, and christmas ornaments.

We gathered red, pink and purple from ads in old magazines and a bunch of old cards donated to us by Activities.

Yep, pretty cool! The "bling" which may be hard to see on the photo is the reflective red wrapper of two Nutter Butter packages, compliments of Dan, the PT, who was getting ready to put them in the trash.

"Stop!  We can use that!"

We both laughed as the cut-up shapes of Nutter Butter stapled up on the board really brought out some personality.

Do you have an old board in your department that you are not using?

Dress it up!

It gets everyone involved and excited in a project,
engages components of the therapy process
and makes them proud at the end product!

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