Sunday, February 19, 2012

10 Ways to Shift the Direction of Your Life, Part One

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If you know me personally or have read all my posts, you'll know that I am a "seeker."  A seeker of my own personal truth.

seek·er (skr)
1. One that seeks: a seeker of the truth.
The past 18 months have been a grand search and experience of stretching beyond the life I knew, physically, emotionally, spiritually. It's exciting to get out of a comfort zone and push into the unknown.
Here is some of what I have learned and continue to learn...(part one)

Expand your mind and spirit.

Learn something new every day. Explore one new thing about the area in which you live every week. Open your mind to the simple and sometimes unintended teachings of others. See everyone as inter-connected.


Identify what is "holding you down." Many times, it's "stuff." Get rid of all the extra stuff you're holding onto....closets full of old clothes and shoes you don't wear, a garage full of crap you haven't used, weight that slows down your body or negative thoughts that prevent you from living a better life.

Focus on Positivity.

I run into people alot who have only negative things to say. They complain about their work, their spouses or children, where they live, their weight, anything you can image.


That wears me out.

When I start to complain, it wears me out! Did you realize if you focus on positive things, you don't feel so TIRED. I really need to work on this one this week!

See the best in everyone.

The princess didn't know there was a prince underneath....

when I am working with patients who stretch my patience (and lately there have been a few new challenges!), I have to remind myself to find one special thing about them that humanizes them, makes them likeable and creates a connection.

Often, it creates a shift in my own vision and enables me to connect and understand. Not always easy, I know!


I wrote a blog last fall on forgiveness. Click here to read it. We can agree that it's one of the most difficult challenges of our lives. What I have found, though, is that there is a great weight that is lifted when we forgive the other. We are able to move on, whether or not we keep that person in our lives, and have a clear slate. If we fail to forgive, we continue to be bound to another through a negative event.

I choose to forgive every day. Until I genuinely feel it in my heart.

Part Two to follow....

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