Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lesson of the Day: End the Day with Something Special

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I've made it just in time...
pulled the Forester into the bumpy dirt parking lot
on the cliff directly above the rough Pacific waves,
cut the engine, and
taken several deep and appreciative breaths.

I try to end the busy portion of my day right here.
Taking in the transition.
Reviewing the beauty of the day that I have been given.

Some of you already know that I dig sunsets.
Really, they make my whole day.

October 23, 2011  Spectacular Sunset over the Pacific

I am going through a recent shift.
I can't describe it, but I can tell you
that it has to do
with concentrating on what is really important in life.

God, family, loving each other, forgiving each other, being the best people we can be, helping others...such valuable priorities.

What we must do is
take care of ourselves
so that we can honor those priorities.

If we are exhausted, hurt, angry, hungry, lonely or depressed,
we can find it difficult to focus.

how about transitioning every day with 5 to 30 minutes
of something that
feeds your spirit?
I watch sunsets.
You can take a bath,
rub your feet with lotion (or let the kids do it!),
put on your favorite music,
rest in your favorite chair,
read an interesting book,
write in your journal,
choose your 5 favorite things that happened today,
make love with your one and only,
talk with your best friend,
thank our Higher Power,
be gentle with yourself!

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