Monday, November 21, 2011

Bette Sings about Life

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I first heard this song 18 years ago when I was traveling cross country with my twin sister. I hit replay until she told me she couldn't handle hearing it one more time!
courtesy of Utube
This is a heartwrenching song that reminds me of many of my patients. They just "wind down." They stop living....

this is your reminder today not to just wind down...
live life to the fullest!!

I sometimes have this conversation with my patients who wish to die:

 "You are still here for a reason..." 

Sometimes we don't know what it is. Sometimes it's about the lessons that our situation teaches another. My patients teach me daily about grace, compassion, patience and forgiveness.

The objective is to live as fully and gracefully as possible
during this wonderful opportunity we have with life!


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