Friday, December 23, 2011

Yogi Tea's Advice of the Day

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I had intended to work today; my body instead imposed a sick day.

Really! I did a lot of one particular ADL (activity of daily living) this week with my patients....ask any OT, and they will tell you that "toileting" is the least favorite part of their job!

So, guess what problem I may be having? Suffice to say, during this first week of winter season, that I am having symptoms of the flu...

To aid in the calming of my nausea and other less than delightful symptom, I reach for my Yogi Tea.

Thought it very fitting today to see this on the tab:

I assume that Yogi Tea may have been referring to the practice of meditation here, but I was thinking about something else...

Last night, I had read a post on a website for travel healthcare professionals that a particular traveler was having a difficult assignment. She was working in a facility with a lot of dementia patients. Like me. She felt as if she could not make it through the 13 weeks there.

When I read the tab, I thought about her, "Yes, you can  -  you can do it! Just follow these directions...."

Actually, I think if we follow these directions for everything in life, we'll be quite okay.

Don't you?

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