Thursday, August 11, 2011

Introducing....My Recruiter

Back to my blog home page:'s the good guy who made the last year possible for me.
Tony Leber from Med Travelers

Tony has been a recruiter with Med Travelers for two years. Before Med Travelers, he recruited travel nurses for InteliStaf Travel (Medical Staffing Network) for 2 years.  Prior to MSN, he started his career at Martin Fletcher working as a recruiter for permanent placement RN’s.

Here's what sets Tony apart.  He called me on a fluke when I was working an assignment in the Midwest, and he stayed in touch. He never bugged me so much that I avoided his calls. (Once you travel, you start receiving weekly calls from numerous recruiters, some of whose calls you consciously let go into voice mail.)

Once Tony started looking, he found a perfect assignment. An assignment that was not listed. He called companies until he found a location within less than 30 minutes from where I wanted to stay.

He has checked in with me during the assignment. He answers phone calls nearly immediately. I haven't had to call him often, but I know if I need anything, he would be there for me 100%.

Tony has taken great care of me, and I appreciate his professionalism!!

Because I am more than willing to share a good thing....if you're looking for a great recruiter to help you through the process, give Tony a call!

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