Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Good Bye, Travel World....

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I made a very difficult but timely decision last week.
I ended my travel career.

I accidentally traversed into a place that shocked and surprised me...I realized this is a place where I'd like to put down some roots, bloom a little and create a network of friends. It has the cozy "small-city-feel" of my hometown of Kansas City, but it offers the additional wonders of water, mountains and temperate weather all in one place.

The hardest part about this decision was saying goodbye to the BEST recruiter in the world, Tony Leber, and Med Travelers. The guy is - hands down - the best recruiter any traveler could ask for. He has given 100% for me, and I am really going to miss him!

My feisty recruiter, Tony

So, today, my final blog for the travel healthcare world is simply to thank Med Travelers and Tony Leber. Thank you for the great assignments, the opportunity to explore some beautiful areas of the country and the chance to meet some kindred spirits/great friends along the way.

Thank you for three great years.


  1. I for one will miss you, We will have to come up and visit. Jeff

  2. And Jeff, I, for two, will miss you and Janet! Yes, please come and visit! xo