Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Don't Stop Living Just Because You Think You're Getting Old!

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I was sitting at Rustin Way on the waterfront eating lunch with a friend on Saturday. It was in the 80's with bright sunshine, the kind of weather which prompts Washingtonians to spend their days outside. Jim and I were talking up a storm, people watching and telling stories.

the view from where I was sitting...
Three quarters of the way through our lunch, we noticed an elderly couple walking down the dock to the water of Puget Sound. She, a petite little gal, led with a determined walk, and he followed slowly with a slight festinating gait, stabilizing himself with his single point cane.

"Ohhhh, nooooo," I said to Jim, "I am afraid he is going to fall!" 

Twice I winced, sure he was going down, ready to get up and run over there if he did.

He made it to the boat somehow, and followed her (I winced again at the danger of it) as they boarded a boat that offered parasailing over Puget Sound.

getting set up for the ride....


I have to admit with a bit of guilt that when I saw them, I thought, "How in the world can they go parasailing? They must be in their mid-80's!"

We watched as the staff on the boat instructed them on the process, set up their riggings and took off.

taking off...

My doubt turned to inspiration when I saw the red balloon begin to pull in the wind, lifting them off the boat.

WOW. This couple was determined to KEEP LIVING LIFE.

Maybe this was on their bucket list. And who cares that they were in their 80's and had trouble getting in and out of the boat?

They spent a good 40 minutes in the air.

yes, they were dangling up there, and the tiny little boat was in the right 2/3 of the photo....

Jim and I left the restaurant and watched them from the pier.

This was a simple lesson about being open to living life fully every day.
No matter what!
No excuses!
Let's all GO LIVE LIFE.


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