Thursday, May 3, 2012

Inspire Creativity in your Life

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I walk down B Hall toward the nurses' station, and there is one lady that I have noticed since day one. I try to catch her eye from where she sits inside her room or at the doorway. I have learned her name, and I call out as I pass by:

"Good morning, Susan!"
"Good afternoon, Susan!"
"How are you?"

No answer. In fact, if you look in her eyes, you will notice that she is absolutely absent.

She's young for a nursing home resident. She's nonverbal, except for a very occasional word. I don't have her on my caseload, so I can't go peeking at her chart to take a look (HIPAA, remember! We have a Privacy Act we must follow!) ....

By the way, when one of my patients points across the room and asks, "What's wrong with (that patient)?" I reply,

their information is private, just like yours.
That means if someone asks about you, I can't tell them anything. But... if you want them to know you can tell them. If you want to know about him, you'll have to ask him.... and he may or may not tell you."

So, this gal. She puzzles me. Her look is soooo vacant. I am spurred to make a connection, but she is not making it easy.

I am thinking about her tonight as I write. My message isn't really about her; it's about what happens when you go through a period that feels as if you are walking through molasses in a swimming pool, or waking up endlessly fatigued.

Yes, it's personal. I sometimes wonder if I have recently drawn the energy of the people like Susan who seem like they are just waiting to die.

I'm not sure what it is, but I'm choosing to look at it as a "rest period." After all, towering oak trees grow through spurts (my creative time in California), then they need some rest time (here).

At any rate, I feel like I am coming out of the rest period and moving into a more creative place lately. I have been searching for activities and ways of spurring my creativity. Honestly, some of it has just bumped into me. (Being "lost" isn't always a negative thing!)

So, today I want to share some methods that help me on my creative path. Maybe one or two will move you, too.

Create an inspiring space.

Since I am in temporary living space, I can't quite decorate the way I did at my home:

my favorite room to rest and regenerate at the "Tre House"

so I bring together some of the notes, momentos, photos and small pieces of art together on a bulletin board.

These things are a constant reminder that each of us can make a difference!

Take a walk or a bike ride.

I can honestly say that when I ride my bike to work (9.5 miles) and back, I feel better! I see the which flowers are blooming, smell when someone has cut their grass, look up at the clouds and feel more thankful to be alive.

Shasta Daisies from the Tre House garden

Try a new food or drink that you've never tried before.

Our prn PT Tracy brought in some foods from Trader Joe's yesterday that many of my coworkers and I had never tasted. It was such fun! Then again, everything Tracy does is fun. She is uplifting.

Visit with a friend you haven't seen for a while, especially a positive one!

I spent last evening with a very special friend, Angela. We used to teach Reiki CEU courses together, and she is one of the most amazing healers I know. When we get together, we can solve the world's problems, stimulate our appetite for creating and manifesting whatever we want in our lives. When I leave her, I feel "right on track."

Turn off the boob tube.

I know it's easy to get sucked into a series, but much of our lives do we need to lay around watching senseless reality shows? There are so many amazing things we can do.

Make your list!

So, this is how the Universe works for me much of the time. I wrote, Make your list...then I thought, let's check out You Tube for a good video. Click on this one, and the first thing you see is

Make lists....   : )

This is a great video. So great, in fact, that I think it's a good place to pause and have a refreshing, positive, creative day at work...

You guys have a great day!!

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