Monday, February 11, 2013

Those Confusing Taxes for Travelers

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Wow, I can't believe it's time for tax season again!!

Last year, although I took a break from travel for 5 months, I have three states to file in addition to my federal return. I'm amazed at how every state has its own rules for travelers; for example, in the state of California, I can write off the amount I have to pay for rent, but in Kansas, I can't.

I had the amazing fortune last year to find a great expert in travel taxes on the very informative Healthcare Travelbook website. His name is Joseph C. Smith, and his company is Travel Tax (

Whoa, did he make my life easier!!  He and his staff answered a multitude of questions about tax home, implications of renting out my home of record, travel back and forth to check on the house, etc. I can guarantee that you'll be resting easy if you trust Travel Tax with your taxes! I let go of my CPA of 14 years in order to have the expertise of someone who knows tax regulations of travelers like the back of his hand.

My promotion of Travel Tax is personal; I had such a great experience using them that I just wanted to share it with others.
Check them out!

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