Monday, September 5, 2011


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I have just unpacked a box filled with old papers I really need to unload! I am sorting out biking maps (keep), walking tour info (keep), and glossy magazines filled with restaurant and winery recommendations (keep) when I come across a small white envelope stained with coffee.

I have written on the back of the envelope the names of the patient and his brother who gave this to me. I immediately remember the patient's wit, grace and fortitude while fighting cancer. His brother was the same. They both shared a faith that could move mountains.

I open the thank you card. Out falls a beautiful gold framed picture of an angel.

I read the brother's carefully printed words. On the right side of the card is a poem:

I must remember
Ere I go
Through all my days
Both high and low
What I must always
Seem to be
To those whose lives
Are touched by me:
A harbinger of Hope!
A chalice of Mercy!
A pillar of Strength!
But, oh above all
God's most generous of blessings,
An ocean...of inexhaustible Love!

And on the left flap of the card were these beautiful, soulful words:

may this little
verse of mine
be ever
your guiding light
throughout all the days
of your life,
and, one day, become
an imperishable crown
of glory
in the kingdom of God

I am immediately reminded of the amazing gifts I receive not only from my patients but their families on a regular basis.

I fold the card, slip in the angel picture, and close the envelope.


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